NFL: Thursday Night Football on Twitch

During the 2018 football season, the NFL started live-streaming Thursday Night Football on Twitch and wanted a custom Twitch extension to compliment the event that allowed viewers to compete in a live, interactive game with each other as they watched the NFL games.

Team Stats

Similar to fantasy football, each featured matchup provided an opportunity for users to compare stats in the head-to-head and use that information to score points on various outcomes in the game.


Users could access detailed team stats including average passing/rushing yards per game, average yards against, sacks per game, time of possession, and more.

Game Predictions

Users could make predictions at various points through the game, with different values to incentivize frequent interactions within a game as well as longer total engagement for viewers over the course of the season.

Game Predictions

Prediction questions were divided into three categories (game predictions, quarterly over/unders and bonus drives) that were randomly generated, allowing for over 100,000 possible prediction combinations in any given game.

Leaderboards & Rewards

The points that users earned from correct predictions were tallied and entered into a community leaderboard where users could see how they stood up against the competition over the course of the season.

Leaderboards & Rewards

Depending on how they scored, users were placed into different tiers on the leaderboard. Each tier had corresponding rewards, such as borders, badges and other bragging rights at the end of the season.